About Us
Highland Marine Services was founded in the year 1987 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The company was designed to bridge the gap between employers from every part of the world and the candidates looking for opportunities.
Highland Marine Services is a recruitment company approved by UAE government, providing solution to the need and requirement of employers who are looking to hire best and professional Candidates to full fill their requirements and the candidates who are hungry for jobs.
Our professional staffs are specialize in identifying and choosing right candidate for right job. Our professional experience and team work with national and international clients has given us better understanding about manpower demand and supply of the best candidates with desired profiles.
Business Goals and Objective
Support the talent development of our employees through profession development,career development, and improved performance management. Compete for top talent with effective recruitment strategies and efficient recruitment processes.
Quality Policy
In order to achieve successful position in the United Arab Emirates and Global business market and to obtain a better place in the future, HIGH LAND MARINE SERVICES makes every positive contribution to ensure that Recruitment Services undertaken within the organization are: Achieve full customer satisfaction with outstanding quality of services. Comply with the requirements of international standards of management systems (such as ISO 9001:2008) and other related standards and improve the effectiveness of quality management systems. Develop a team-based-approach to manage all our business by continually enhancing employee’s competency. Commit to maintain & continually improve the quality of its services, as well to continually improve the applied Quality Management System (QMS). Continuously review and update the quality policy and communicate it to all employees and other interested parties.
Our Team
Our Team Having our team of Recruiters with distinguished expertise and focus to grow partnerships with clients is an essential part of our identity. Developing our client’s recruitment process through understanding our client’s search criteria, and reach to placement of the talents and employees who can fuel the economic growth of any organization we work with, is without a doubt a fulfilling standard to Boundless Consulting. High Land Team is a very professional and dedicated recruitment agency who strives that extra mile to help by providing the best candidates for our open positions. Their knowledge of the market is evident by the quality of candidates that are submitted for a position. In an increasingly competitive market place, they have a proven track record in sourcing high-caliber candidates.
Our Vision
Our Vision is to provide an integrated recruitment service meeting the market needs of employers and the employment needs of job seekers worldwide.
Our Mission
Our Mission is to enhance leadership qualities and continue to upgrade the knowledge of the specialized categories of professional personnel in their respective field of discipline by continuous training, Monroe aims to offer a recruitment partnership to all of our clients and candidates that is honest, ethical and highly professional
Our Values
We achieve best results through our spirit of excellent service. We seek elite and high quality professionals for fulfilling our client needs. Our candidates not just match with the job specification but also posses the same cultural aspiration who can add value not only to the job but also to the development of the company. we maintain transparency in operations and professional code of conduct. We ensure quality, confidentiality and client loyalty. We adhere to the commitment in provision of manpower in the given timeframe. We believe that service is all about people. We therefore place a high degree of importance on relationships. We work closely in open and understanding relations and we are empathetic towards our customers and with our employees because they are the true owners of our company. We believe that our employees are our most valuable assets. Through our innovative practices and work methodologies, we motivate our employees to achieve the highest level of client confidence and satisfaction. We believe that no one is perfect and therefore we believe in striving for excellence in everything we do. We engage our clients, candidates and our employees in all our operational activities and welcome their feedback and suggestions to improve and innovate